The new Telegärtner‘s connection module features highly compact and stable structure with IP67 class of protection. The round shape is also new. The VM-Pro 8-8 Class FA enables fixed wiring for AWG 22-27 cable types without impairing the transmission properties.VM-Pro_web
The extremely robust design with a die-cast zinc housing is 360° shielded and insulated. Users can extend, repair or relay cables without having to relay the complete line.
The new VM-Pro 8-8 is insensitive to electrical interferences and safely protected against water and dust. The new connection module for transmission rates up to class FA (1.000 MHz) connects or extends electrically shielded and unshielded installation and patch cables with solid and stranded conductors of the AWG 22-27 type safe against manipulation. This allows EMC-secure connections in the quality of permanent wiring.
Water-tight, dust-proof EMC-secure connection
Telegärtner has put great emphasis on user-friendly handling. The wires can be contacted simply by screwing for example. The connection is then reliably protected against water, dust and interference. The die-cast zinc housing also assures mechanical stability. This makes the connection module interesting for use in the harsh environment of industrial communication networks and the connection of machines and plants.
The two ends of the installation cables are connected by IDC insulation displacement contacts. The wire pairs can be fed to the IDC terminal with the wire twisting retained. Colour coding makes connection easier.
Connection module saves rewiring
In addition to the new VM-Pro 8-8 Class FA the long proven VM 8-8 Cat.7A connection modules in IP20 class of protection for connecting solid AWG22-26/1 conductors are still in the programme. The Telegärtner connection modules are used whenever lines need to be extended or laid. Damaged cables can also be reconnected without having to re-lay the entire cable segment of a structured wiring. This saves users time and costs. You can connect 8-wire cables securely and safely virtually without impairing the transmission properties and without restricting the maximum link lengths